Improve Your Health With Clean Air

There is nothing as important as good health. However you stay healthy, whether it's going to the gym or eating well, there might be something you're missing. Have you considered the cleanliness of your home air? If you haven't - you should! Believe it or not, clean air in the home can actually improve your health. Ready to find out how?

It all has to do with your air ducts and your heating and cooling system. Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) unit is used to heat and cool the air in your home. The unit then pushes that air through your ducts, which circulate it throughout the home. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, over time, certain contaminants can build-up inside of the air ducts. The contaminants are typically things like dust, dirt, debris, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other airborne particles. When this happens, it can affect the quality of your home air.

Breathing clean air isn't just a good is an essential part of maintaining good health. In fact, there have been many health issues linked to unclean air in the home. You may already be living with them and not even know it! Take a moment to think about your day-to-day life. Have you been sneezing or coughing lately? Do you often have a runny nose? Is it ever difficult for you to breathe properly? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then the air in your home may be the cause. Some of the most common health problems related to unclean indoor air are: allergies, difficulty breathing, asthma, cold-like symptoms, respiratory issues, sinus problems, along with headaches and migraines.

Don't ignore your health - take action. There are things you can do to ensure that your home is full of clean air. With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calling indoor air pollution the fourth biggest threat to overall health in North America, there is no time to waste. The most effective solution for unclean air is an air duct cleaning. This process removes those built-up contaminants that can affect your air quality - and your health.

Chances are, your ducts haven't been at the front of your mind. It happens to the best of us! The most important thing now is to make that change. To determine whether or not it's time for a duct cleaning in your home, start by asking yourself how long it's been. If you can't recall, it is most certainly time. The average home requires a duct cleaning every two to three years. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain circumstances may cause you to need a duct cleaning more frequently. If you have smokers or pets living in the home or if you've had construction or renovations done recently, a duct cleaning is a must. Bring in an experienced professional for a duct cleaning or duct inspection. When you're breathing in clean air, you'll be glad you did!

Want to stay healthy? Then start at home by having a professional duct cleaning performed. Clean air ducts mean clean air - so always stay up to date. By breathing clean air, you'll be feeling better and living a healthier life in no time flat.

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